Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easton turns 3

Easton had lots of fun celebrating his birthday.  First, Grandma and Grandpa Wood and Aunt Ashlee and Ellie came for a bbq and cake.

 On his actual birthday we went swimming and out for pizza.  He really wanted his own scooter and was so excited about it!

To wrap up the fun, we had a party at the park with my family.  Easton was all over the playground, jumping onto the fire pole and sliding down.  He really loved doing what the other kids did.  He is not afraid of anything and thinks he is bigger than he really is.

The kids loved playing together

They love Grandpa

Gotta make sure you blow out those candles

We love our happy, energetic and fun Easton!  Happy Birthday Easty Bop!

Monday, April 30, 2012

4th of July

We have been doing the same thing every 4th since our kids were little.  In the day, we go to Midway with my parents and family and go fishing at the State Park.  The kids love it and look forward to to every year.

Easton kissing the fish.  Gross!

Kiddos in their red, white and blue
My dad is the magic fisherman!  Really, he is.  Every single time we go, people all around us can't catch a thing.  We always catch so many we have to keep throwing them back in.  People who see this come and ask us what bait we are using, etc. but we all know it is just because of my dad!

 At night we come back to our house and set off fireworks with our friends and neighbors.  We have a perfect view of the Thanksgiving Point fireworks and it's such a fun way to end the day.

Going Back in Time

Once again I have very much neglected my blog.  I need to get back into action so I am going back in time.  We have had a lot going on and a few big changes that I don't want to forget!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Goes On

So it's been a really, really long time. I'm back for a couple of reasons. One, I am tired of Tiger Woods being front and center on my blog. Two, I have been re-inspired because of reading your blogs. There are so many moments and memories I need to capture and remember. I have been spending time of Facebook and although I like it, there are some things I don't want to share on there like this:

Our sweet little Kamree had a procedure on Wednesday. She is a lot more nervous and scared now that she is older and it makes me sad. The first thing she had to do is get her finger pricked. She was not all about that! The nurse was squeezing her hand to prick her and she kept saying "please let go of my hand, you are hurting me, please let me go". So polite but she was so scared. Luckily that was the only shot she had to get while she was awake.

She got dermabrasion on her face where her skin graft is. It is to help even and smooth it out. It has been a long journey from birth until now and I just hope we have done the right thing. I love her so much and want her to have a happy life. I wish so much of life, especially for a girl, didn't focus on appearance. I just hope we can raise her to have self worth, which is much more than what's on the outside. I am so grateful we can raise her to know that she is a daughter of God.

Surgery went well and she is such a little trooper. She doesn't love looking in the mirror right now because she says she looks too bloody. She lets us give her the medicine and keep Vaseline coated on her face. I don't love that part. Vaseline can be a sticky mess so we have a bunch of special shirts, special blankets and things set aside for this messy part of the healing process.

After a couple of popsicles and a few presents from the nurses, she was ready to ride the "princess carriage" out to to the car.

We hope this is it for surgeries. After this she will have some laser treatments and things should be a lot less painful. Wish I could take if from her, but if anyone has been blessed with the spirit to handle this, it is her.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tee It Up With Tiger!

So here is my husband's claim to fame and dream come true! Last October Brandon won the contest of a lifetime called "Tee it up with Tiger". There were 2 ways to enter the contest. One was to get a special platinum golf ball in a sleeve of Nike balls. Brandon tried that but after buying a few sleeves he had no luck. The other way to enter was buy buying "virtual" golf balls online and hoping to get a platinum one that way. Brandon kept trying to do that online and I was teasing him that it wasn't going to happen. Well he got lucky and got the platinum ball that entered him into the contest. There were 2000 platinum balls and out of those, 24 were drawn.
Brandon was one of the lucky 24! (He got "the golden ticket") They flew him to California where he was picked up in a limo and taken to an amazing hotel in the marina. He was treated to a nice dinner and given goodies from Nike and Golf Digest. The next day was what he'd been waiting for. He went to the new Trump National golf course and got to play 18 holes of golf. Tiger was waiting for his foursome at the 10th hole. He watched them play, gave them tips and just spent time talking with them. After that, Tiger and Anthony Kim (another golf pro) put on a golf clinic for them and gave them tips, answered questions about anything and just hung out with them for awhile. The Golf Channel filmed the whole thing and they interviewed Brandon as one of the featured winners. It was fun to watch him on t.v. and get to see part of his amazing day. Anyone who knows Brandon knows how much he LOVES golf and also Tiger Woods. If he could meet anyone famous, Tiger would be the one. He called me that night after golfing and meeting Tiger and said "After our wedding day, birth of our children and some other wonderful days in between, this day was one of the best!" As you can tell, he obviously thought about it before and made sure he put those other events in their first! Good move on his part. Anyway, I was so happy he had the opportunity and he came away an even bigger Tiger fan than before. How cool is that?!?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Sydni is here!

Baby Sydni is here! She was born today around 4:30pm. She weighs 6lbs 1 ounce and is 18 1/2 inches long. She is so beautiful and sweet. She surprised us all by arriving about 4 1/2 weeks early.

Because she was born so early she has to have oxygen but so far is doing great. Jill is doing well considering all she has been through. Having a baby is truly a miracle. Please keep Jill and Sydni in your prayers in hopes for a smooth recovery for baby and mommy. I will post more pictures soon.

Playing Blog Catch-Up

Well, I have ignored my blog for a couple of months now for a few reasons: 1) My computer freaks out whenever I go on blogs, but nothing else. It is really annoying! It takes forever for the pages to load and then it stops half-way through. 2) I joined facebook and what little time I have on the computer I have been distracted by that. Please forgive me as I am going to be going back in time doing posts because this is a type of journal for our family. So don't give up on the blog. I will be posting soon.